The Crossover Shoulder Pull: An In-Depth Look

Part 2 of Our Daily Energy Routine Series

The Daily Energy Routine (DER) brings health and vitality to thousands of you around the world, and many have asked how it works! We are excited to dive in to each of the eight main DER exercises, and to help you understand why each exercise is considered so vital. Within this issue and the subsequent seven Energy e-Letters, we will feature each technique as a special segment for you!

The Crossover Shoulder Pull is a powerful technique to help your energies cross over in healthy, figure-8 patterns around and across the body. It is important to maintain and reinforce these healthy patterns, especially if you are not currently feeling well physically, have moved through a health challenge, are preparing for a medical procedure, or are generally feeling a sense of chronic stress or malaise.

Over time, our energy systems have learned to “uncross” or move in parallel patterns so as to slow us down to allow our body and emotions to heal properly. Within our fast-paced modern world, many of us do not take this time to slow down to heal. So, if you are in a chronic state of stress or illness, this is a surefire technique to help promote and engage those energies to once again cross in healing patterns.

To accomplish this Crossover Shoulder Pull exercise, bring one hand to the opposite shoulder and squeeze your fingers into your shoulder. Next, drag your hand across your torso from the shoulder to the opposite hip. Bring your other hand to the opposite shoulder and follow the same sequence. Do this three to five times on each side, sweeping with pressure each time. Breathe deeply and do this technique as often as you feel called each day.

You can watch Donna demonstrate the definitive version of the Daily Energy Routine here:

Lindy Franciose

Lindy is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, Authorized Teacher EM101/102, Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Reiki Master. An experienced practitioner, teacher, public speaker and advocate of natural holistic health, beauty and well being, with extensive training in aromatherapy and dance. She has been successfully treating clients in her private practice, first in South Florida, and now in North Carolina for over 25 years. She is the founder of Essential Energy Medicine.

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