Rich Media in the Web Design Process

Adding rich media is a common feature of today’s websites. Visitors can learn about a company and its products with the use of interactive features. Such features include animations, dynamic color swatches, and 3D spin models of products. Incorporating rich media into a site’s design can help increase usability, enhance accessibility, and provide a better user experience. Listed below are some tips to consider when using rich media.

The brief phase of your project involves developing the requirements and the budget of the project. The timeline should be determined and the final deadline agreed upon. This stage is all about the company and its goals. It should cover all areas that could contain potential information. The web design team and client must commit 100% during this phase. Once the brief is complete, the planning phase begins. During this phase, scope creep should be clearly defined and a plan should be developed to meet client requirements.

You should always discuss the scope of your project with the web design company. If you have any concerns or questions, discuss them with the team, and get an update from them as soon as possible. Remember that changes in a website’s design are time-consuming and costly. Make sure you discuss the scope with the web design team before hiring them. A Web design firm should also provide regular updates that are easy to understand. If you have a tight deadline, choose a company that meets it.

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