NUCCA Chiropractic

NUCCA chiropractors use gentle, low-technique adjustments to align the head, spine, neck, atlas, and other bones in the body. This gentle touch helps relieve the interference created by the incorrect position of the spine and joints. Patients may feel a slight pressure while receiving treatment, but this should not be a problem. The first NUCCA chiropractic visit is the most important one. The doctor will begin by examining you and learning about your current condition and health status.

NUCCA chiropractors focus on the Atlas bone in the neck, which causes miscommunication to the entire body. This miscommunication is the main cause of many health problems and is easily corrected by NUCCA procedures. A patient can expect to feel better after the procedure because of the improved alignment of the head and neck. The adjusting process is painless and will help to strengthen the body’s natural defenses. It will also reduce stress and migraines.

In the NUCCA procedure, the head and neck are manipulated with a gentle touch. A NUCCA chiropractor will use the most precise X-rays to assess the spine. Each measurement is as unique as a fingerprint. The slightest misalignment in the spinal column can result in a body imbalance and brain stem compression. This is a cause of many health problems and can result in back pain, headaches, or stress.

NUCCA works by restoring the head and neck to their normal positions. This will improve the function of the skeletal and nervous systems, and will reduce stress throughout the body. As a result, it also reduces stress and pain throughout the body. Another benefit of NUCCA is the fact that it uses zero popping, twisting, or cracking. This gentle, effective technique works smarter, and is much more effective than any other chiropractic technique.

NUCCA patients experience a higher quality of life and a healthier body. The doctor will use precise X-rays to analyze the spine. The measurements are as unique as a fingerprint. The results are instantaneous. The procedure is a painless and noninvasive way to address a particular issue. A NUCCA chiropractor will not even use electricity. They will use light pressure on the atlas bone.

In addition to relieving pain, NUCCA chiropractors can help re-align the head and neck. By realigning the spine, NUCCA corrects misalignment in the head and neck. This helps to restore the brain-to-body communication. This helps the body heal itself. It is safe, gentle, and effective. So, if you’re suffering from fibromyalgia, you should consider visiting a NUCCA chiropractor. This technique will help you reduce your symptoms and improve your overall health.

The goal of NUCCA is to restore proper communication among all parts of the body. The doctor will place her hands along the spine and use a needle to adjust the vertebrae. The patient will experience no pain and will feel a 50% reduction in postural distortion. While traditional chiropractors will perform an examination and x-rays, NUCCA practitioners are highly accurate and precise. This type of chiropractic treatment can be a great alternative to traditional methods of care.

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