How to buy property in Cesme Turkey and Real Estate Suggestion


History of Çeşme


Before the rise of İzmir, Çesme was the region’s most important port and marked the end of the Silk Road for caravans passing through Anatolia from Central Asia and the Middle East. Here the goods were unloaded by ship through the Aegean and Mediterranean for export to Europe. Agios Haralambos Church has been restored as an art gallery. Thermal baths offer a health-focused escape from modern life.


Çeşme, a luxurious seaside town


Çeşme is a luxurious seaside town in the western part of metropolitan İzmir. Çeşme is very popular among Turkish high society, famous footballers, actors and other celebrities buy real estate in Çeşme. The luxurious amenities like; High-end beach clubs, marinas and beach-view resorts make Çeşme Turkey’s premier coastal city. Therefore, the real estate prices in Çeşme are higher compared to other (more) cheap areas in Turkey. There are numerous restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs along the coast. The modern, newly built marina has all the facilities for boat owners, as well as many restaurants and shops on site. Experts say that Çeşme has the best white sandy beaches and coastline in all of Turkey. In Çeşme there are more than 20 white sandy beaches for you to enjoy with a wide range of beach clubs and other facilities. You can opt for a luxury beach club or just a free public beach. Çeşme was discovered many years ago by wealthy people from the metropolis of İzmir. Slowly they began to build their holiday homes along the coastal areas. It was a very common practice to do this without proper zoning and planning permission. Later marinas and port villas were built. Nowadays, all real estate in Çeşme have correct title deeds, also known as “Tapu” documents.


Where to buy a house in Çeşme?


Çeşme is a coastal town on the Westside of Turkey about 1 hour drive from the metropolis city İzmir and there is a six-lane highway connecting İzmir with Çeşme.  A lot of our customers are wondering where to buy a house in Çeşme. There are quite a few districts and neighborhoods in Çeşme. The main ones are: Çeşme center, Alaçatı, Ciftlik Köy, Boyalık, Ovacik, Ilıca, Mamurbaba, Paşalimanı, Şifne, Ardıç, Boyalık, Dalyan, Germiyan and Ildir. In each district there are beautiful bays, city centers and restaurants to discover. Alaçatı is a neighborhood for the high society, with high priced villas and private gardens. Ciftlik koy is located close to the famous “Altın Kum” beach, and much more affordable villas are built here. Ovacık is a natural green calm area and recently discovered by a lot of developers. Villas with nature/sea-view are built here. Ilica is an area with one of the main attractions of Çeşme, the huge white sand beach of Ilica. First line properties are rare to find and quite exclusive, although there are plenty new developments in other areas of this district. Mamurbaba is popular among the elite and a lot of newly built compound mansions are located here. Paşalimanı offers one of the nicest sea view spots in Çeşme and a lot of people are interested to buy a house here. Because of this reason prices are a higher in this region and there are not too much villas for sale in this district of Çeşme. Şifne is an upcoming area located after Paşalimanı and a lot of affordable villas can be found here, the coming years a huge new marina will be built here as well. Boyalık is located next to the Boyalık bay with one of the best beaches in Çeşme. On the left you can find high-end hotels. This location is quite popular since it is close to this amazing beach. There are a few new development projects and villas are offered for higher price in comparison with other areas.  Dalyan has its own yacht harbour and calm village style of living. The area offers plenty of newly build villas or second-hand properties. Prices are lower in this region. Germiyan and Ildir are located 10 kilometres from Çeşme centre and properties here are the most affordable in Çeşme region. Our advisors are more than willing to assist you in your journey of where to buy a house Çeşme.

Real estate in Çeşme


The real estate market in Çeşme has a long history of constantly rising prices. Although the area is not as well known to foreigners as Istanbul and Bodrum, local investors and property buyers have been showing interest in Çeşme for some time. It is a popular location for holiday houses and second homes for the affluent population of İzmir. Real estate buyers from Istanbul also discovered Çeşme. The area is the most diverse in Turkey. It is most likely one of the most prominent centers of high-end international tourism in Turkey. Therefore, buying a house in Çeşme is a worthwhile decision.


Investment in Çeşme


Çeşme has proven its profitability with rental yields up to %7 a year. The reason for this is a huge demand of rental properties, seasonally as well as weekly. The market for local tenants is striving as many people prefer to stay with their family in private properties for a longer term instead of a few days in a hotel. If you buy a house in Çeşme it is up to you to participate in this high yield activity or to just enjoy your property in Çeşme yourself.

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