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Shop my merchandise : tees, diaries, cell phone cases, mugs and handbags. Likewise accessible : wearable workmanship ornaments, material artworks and artistic work banners. Not that I’ve at any point found it too challenging to even consider expounding on my work – this blog is demonstration of that capacity – however the subject of craftsmanship is different to me still. “Here is a couple of shoes I painted as a commission for a companion.” That sounds sufficiently straightforward. However, that is for Instagram subtitles. Here, I needed to discuss the motivation and the thought behind it also. exceptionally painted design shoes footwear, hand-painted shoes, custom shoes, custom Nikes, Naina Redhu,, KhaosPhilos, Label KhaosPhilos, painted tennis shoes, craftsman, lines, mathematical deliberation, lineation, hand drawn, hand painted, indian craftsman, indian contemporary craftsman, indian contemporary workmanship, indian shoe craftsman, shoe painter india, shoe craftsman india, photographic artist, blogger, experience gatherer

Karina loves the sea. She dives deep-ocean jumping whenever she gets an opportunity. Her name, “Karina”, signifies “unadulterated”. It appeared to be legit to some way or another attempt to portray the sea on the shoes for her. In any case, Magandeep had previously given a tight concise – he needed my unmistakable lines on the swoosh of the shoes as it were. Which I was feeling better to hear on the grounds that the cleaned covering of cowhide tennis shoes is famously hard to paint on. Except if one has any desire to just work with Sharpies, which are accessible in restricted colours.The thought of the lines worked on the grounds that it permitted me to address the shades of the Ocean. A wave of varieties. The external swooshes were painted in variety and within swooshes were painted clearly. To address shadows of those waves. There’s both dim AND light all over the place. It is our capacity to see both that makes tones and light so appealing to us.

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