Ceiling Removal Tips – How to Properly Remove a Ceiling

If you are planning to paint your ceiling, you’ll need to take down any ceiling fans and electrical fixtures. You can stuff newspaper in light bulbs to protect them, but it’s also best to turn off the circuit breakers. You’ll also need to cover the junction boxes with tape so you don’t nick the wires. Once you’ve removed the fixtures, it’s time to paint the ceiling. Here are some tips to ensure you get the job done right the first time.

Before you begin, remove any furniture from the area. You’ll also want to tape down plastic sheets to the walls. The plastic sheeting will prevent spilling of droppings. You’ll also need to remove light fixtures from the ceiling and cover them with plastic. Before you start, temporarily shut off the power to prevent an electrical shock. Then, remove all the fixtures from the ceiling. Once you’re done, you can put them back up.

When working with asbestos, make sure you cover all walls and floors. If the ceiling is covered with it, you’ll want to make sure that there are no loose asbestos strands. You’ll also want to protect your walls with plastic and tape, too. And be sure to remove any light fixtures and ceiling fans, as these can easily get damaged. You can cover the lights with plastic as well. Once you’ve removed the popcorn ceiling, you’ll need to paint it and cover the walls with plastic.

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