Animal Energy Medicine Articles

We all have the ability and can help our pet’s stay happy and healthy when we connect energetically to their needs.

sparkyBy using the simple practical and powerful Energy Medicines of Young Living Essential Oils and Eden Energy Medicine techniques you’ll help your pet enjoy life to the fullest.

In the coming months we will cover many topics that will help you learn how you can:

  • Help relieve your pet’s pain
  • Heal your pet’s injuries and wounds
  • Alleviate your pet’s skin issues
  • Find the best diet for that works for your pet
  • Improve the sensitivity in your hands and hone your ability to sense/feel what your pet needs and where
  • Help your pet deal with stress, anxiety, fear or issues resulting from neglect or abuse

rheagan and elliot
Life Science Publishing has also just published it’s first ever Essential Oils Animal Desk Reference showing you how to use Young Living Essential oils with birds, cats, dogs, fish, horses, livestock, wildlife, goats, sheep, llamas, poultry, swine, raccoon, exotic and rogue animals! It is AMAZING, with fabulous pictures, recipes, applications and educational information. A MUST HAVE FOR ALL ANIMAL LOVERS!

“Only if we can understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved.” –Dr. Jane Goodall

Throughout history humans, animals and plants have been deeply interconnected. Many of our animals we love like our family, many are our family. Often times they are part of our livelihood and our survival.

lindy and sparkyWe share the same environment, water, earth and emotions. As caretakers, we owe it to ourselves, our animals and our planet to respect and support nature’s balance. It is becoming apparent the more natural the solutions, in the long run, provide the greatest benefits to modern health and animal husbandry.

The energy medicines, or natural solutions, of Eden Energy Medicine and Essential Oils, are two of our most powerful allies in supporting and enhancing our health and wellness.

In some ways these energy medicines work even better on our animals than humans, “because animals don’t put up intellectual left brain barriers to the movement of energy. They are open to balanced harmony, they are close to ‘source’, and they respond to work given from the heart and with love. Animals sense your intention and are open to positive change.” (Madison King, Energy Medicine For Animals)