Ageless Baby Boomers Daily Energy Routine

Welcome to Ageless Baby Boomers! Together we will celebrate and empower ourselves with the knowledge and knowing that… No matter what our chronological age, ‘Aging is Optional’, through the wonders of Energy Medicine.

What is Energy Medicine? Einstein determined “Energy Is All There Is.” Therefore our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, and physical well being are all made up of energy. Energy Medicine…in its many forms…focuses on activating, healing and balancing this energy, our body’s vital energy, life force or qi (pronounced CHEE), as it is called in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Meditation, prayer, breathing, sound, music, movement, yoga, massage, essential oils, herbs, acupuncture, TCM, Qigong, Reiki, T’ai Chi, Eden Energy Medicine,Touch For Health, and Tapping, are just a few, of the many complimentary Energy Medicine modalities available.

Here at Ageless Baby Boomers (ABB), I will be sharing lots of practical Energy Medicine tips and exercises for improved health, vitality, peace of mind, natural beauty, mental clarity, increased joy, and the balance of body mind and spirit. Essential oils, massage, movement and Donna Eden’s work, are the Energy Medicines I will be focusing on in my ABB newsletters. I will also direct you toward the many resources and people that have helped  empower me over the past 40 years as a holistic wellness practitioner.

In just minutes a day you can establish positive ‘energy habits’ in the body, strengthen your immune system, gain energy, relieve pain and feel younger!

Boost Your Daily Energy Routine With Essential Oils

Learn how to use the Essential Oils  of Lemon, Peppermint, Panaway or RC in your ‘Daily Energy Routine’ and in your everyday life, to uplift your senses, and energize your body for even more vigor and vitality.

Lindy Franciose

Lindy is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, Authorized Teacher EM101/102, Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Reiki Master. An experienced practitioner, teacher, public speaker and advocate of natural holistic health, beauty and well being, with extensive training in aromatherapy and dance. She has been successfully treating clients in her private practice, first in South Florida, and now in North Carolina for over 25 years. She is the founder of Essential Energy Medicine.

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